ZX Spectrum Next Clone boards are on the way!

It only seems like yesterday that the Spectrum Next team were launching the 1st kickstarter. Yet with the 2nd recently ended with a successful increase of new backers. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything more for a few months until production recommences…

But in steps in RetroShop who have announced that next week they’ll start taking pre-orders for their new ZX Spectrum Next clone boards. So if somehow you managed to miss the two previous chances (and in the current climate, with funds getting tighter it’s understandable some don’t want to spend £100’s on a new device) for the Next hardware, here is your chance to get on board with the cheapest hardware option.

The new board contains the HDMI fix that plagued the earlier Next first batch release, and also contains the capacitor mod that those who had the dev board will have already sourced and soldered in manually. The board also conforms to the similar layout of the official release and from first look at the image the RTC mod is already included alongside the additonal memory.

With the board costing 115€ + taxes + shipping via the MiSTer shop at UltimateMister.com. This will not include a compatible case, power supply, keyboard or SD Card. So please bear in mind you will need to purchase these separately on the shop, or via third parties.

Credit to https://vintageisthenewold.com/ for bringing this to attention.

Chris Thacker

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