Win a new TheC64 and Microswitched Joystick

Retro Games Ltd (RGL) are organising a games development competition open to all interested C64 and VIC-20 developers to enter.

First prize is a new THEC64 with an additional boxed THEC64 Microswitch Joystick, and there will be a runner up prize of a THEC64 Mini with an additional boxed THEC64 Microswitch Joystick and should there be enough entries from under-18s, there may also be prizes for the best entry from a 14-17 year old, and also a 13 and under category. So if you have children, get them involved and encourage them to create their own 8-bitmasterpiece.Submissions will be handled by email attachment, or via other digital means such as Google Drive or WeTransfer. Details below:

While this article was in progress this week a few concerns were raised over submissions IP rights with the company. The team were quick to resolve any concern and did relay this additional info:

“Hi everyone. We are writing in reference to the game contest that we launched earlier today. Firstly we (RGL) want to make clear this whole contest is just for fun and is in no way a commercial venture.

We offered a prize as a thank you for the eventual winner of the contest and not as a financial inducement of any kind. We would obviously recompense any rights holder for their work should we wish to enter into a commercial relationship with them but this competition is purely for fun.

We are not asking for anything from the participants other than their permission to release their game on a future firmware update should they win. Our idea was to share new ‘homebrew’ style games with the wider community, the majority of who aren’t coders and games creators.

We hoped that those participants would feel the same way, getting a thrill from sharing their creation with the wider world.To address some of the questions that has been raised since we announced the competition:

We have paid every author and or legal rights holder whose work has appeared on THEC64, THEC64 Mini and THEVIC20 at the point of retail.Some of the games that have been given away as part of the firmware upgrades have been paid for and some have been donated to us by the authors for free.

We have other titles schedules for future firmware updates that are new and original titles and these have been donated to us by the authors whose only desire is to see their game played.To further clarify, we are not seeking ownership of the IP, trademarks, game design, copyright or underlying source code in the games. We are seeking permission to give the game away with a firmware update. That is the extent of our perceived ownership. We are seeking a free and in perpetuity license that only extends to the firmware updates of our machines.

The author is free to market and or sell their game in any way that they see fit. Should we elect to use the game as part of a future retail release then we would of course extend our standard financial terms and licence agreement to the author.

Finally we should point out that we continue with the firmware updates at a considerable financial cost to ourselves. We don’t charge for the updates, even if they contain games that we’ve paid for we give them away to our community. We expend considerable development resources on the firmware updates and for no financial gain. We do this out of commitment and passion for our products and for the community as a whole.

We hope that this has answered any outstanding queries and also we hope that some of you will see that we’re trying to have a little fun, nothing more. Thank you”

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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