Vegawatch – Status update 8th May

Parcels received by backers so far – 0
Communications released by company so far since deadline for publishing games list expired (4th May) – 0
Visible sightings of V2 device publically – 0
Registrations for WEEE, CE, PEGI and other various certs – 0
IF you do receive a  ZX Vega plus between 8th – 12th May as communicated by the company, I would love to hear from you via the contact form for a future editorial.

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

Freelance writer, Blogger, Youtuber Chris has dabbled around the industry for many years. having been published in two books, and with over 30+ years knowledge of gaming history, there are many obscure facts tucked away in his brain which have yet to be documented.

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