Vegawatch – My God, did RCL ACTUALLY release a couple of Vega Plus’s..

UPDATED 22:00 31/07/18. Overnight an Instagram post was made by a backer claiming to have in their hands a final v2 release of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus. Normally discounted as part of the ongoing PR machine that RCL applies in the attempt to falsify evidence of production..
However just a short while after Craig Wooton also uploaded a video of his delivery in the form of a short honest review.

It’s been noted since that although the Sinclair badge is etched into the thin plastic screen, which is prone to scratches. the back border, rainbow edge and indeed the colours on the bottom three buttons were initially thought to be paper stickers have been verified as painted on. Why this seemed a good idea on what was supposed to be the final mass produced item screams shambolic and amateur at a time when all eyes were on the company to delivery.
The Vega+ bug report from May 3 2017 and still present according to IGG comments and 2 owners of the unit – When you reboot the unit, the settings are not saved, e.g. no volume configured, after reboot volume is
reset to the default value. This is the same for screen brightness and contrast.
And did I mention the packaging..
This is how the Sinclair Vega Plus was delivered

Another users box posted online

Which indeed raises the point that the only reason a few backers are receiving machines is due to Indiegogo’s collection agency placing pressure to refund all backers, alongside MichaelMoores, RCL’s appointed solicitor pushing for devise release with a view to generating funds to enable payoff of their outstanding debts (and this is before debts still need to be paid to SMS, HDTooling, TeacherStern, Creative Spectrum, GOSH, to name but a few).
Oh and it has also come to light that RCL currently do not have the licence to use the ‘Sinclair’ name from Sky, which is currently being highlighted after leaked letters from the company highlighted the conversation indicating a loss of licence since 2016.

Serial number indicates manufacture on 30th May 2018. CE Mark isn’t registered but believed to be self appointed
2nd device confirming unique serial numbers released.

It also is convenient that movement has commenced once more when both Directors claimed to be unavailable due to annual leave for the period in question when the prior shareholders meeting was arranged, of which 50% of the current shareholders are seeking a vote of no confidence against the current management, with 25% backing the current regime. The remaining 25% is currently owned by Sinclair Research Ltd, Sir Clive’s company, of which it has been reported he no longer deals with the daily management of. It is this 25% of shareholding to which the current management of RCL are desperately trying to appease by showing as much positive PR as possible, albeit through some questionable tactics, with reported requests for refunds still being ignored.
No evidence as yet has been provided by RCL to the media to verify 400 machines have been released to the public, to which backers are suspecting a recently made 10 units by SMS are the ones in question being dispatched.
With many backers still outstanding devices, has this campaign finally run it’s course and commence delivery in this state, or is this another PR exercise to buy further time until the directors find an escape clause.
Like a game of chess, there are multiple possibilities and tactics that can be used to confuse your opponent until a misstep occurs that will give you the advantage, however this game appears to be played with a knight, queen and pawn against a opponent with all pieces intact…
Times like that you wished you learned to play Sorry..

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  1. It’s frankly beyond words how utterly without remorse these people are. These moves can be quite literally taken as a last ditch attempt to prevent the current directors being voted out and the company accounts being exposed to people who might see the alleged fraud that many suspect.

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