Vegawatch – 9th May official statement

After last weeks release of information surrounding the Vega Plus, Retro Computers Ltd. have released the following statement:

Please note that during this release, they have amended the delivery date from the arrival period of 8th – 12th May to a propose dispatch date of 12th May further extending shipment, which at TRVG we have no issue with. As long as each console makes it home to each backer that ordered the product there are no complaints!
The games list however has been delayed further with no confirmed release date. The reason? Apparently due to our release of the titles on the day of release to RCL’s copy, this affected the scheduled drop on the website due to the list being reported as ‘fake’.
Retro Computers Ltd. However refuse to release the complete list on their website despite initial promises they would reveal all, which would counter any such confusion over the matter.
Can it be said at this point, when the list does become released, our copy will be updated to reflect the official announcement, and has been mentioned to RCL multiple times during this weekend, however no direct response has been communicated back.
However, TRVG would like to clarify some information released on FunkySpectrum’s you tube channel earlier this week which advised the machine would be fitted with a A20 CPU – this was incorrect and we have apologised directly to the video creator for the error, in actual fact they are the following:

Details here
Details here
Hope that clears up a few things. Many thanks to Jan Saggiori for bringing this to our attention.

Chris Thacker

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