Vegawatch 18th May – Only the crumbliest, flakiest, PR…..

Another day, another unexpected vegawatch update (unexpected, since I wasn’t expecting the sheer amounts of statements to be released over the last few hours:
Here’s all the statements in all their glory:
So, ignoring for a start they have now advised they were never planning on releasing the games list on the 4th May as per the ‘still live’ website information, there is a key line which should make every backer, new or old become more frustrated:
‘So imagine our surprise when we received a letter from one of our partners at the close of business on Tuesday 14th May’.
Now as this statement has been released on the 17th May, Retro Computers Ltd have by their own omission have publically announced that they were are of legal action being taken, but still continued for 3 days to advise all backers that they were sending out delivery instructions for the imminent release of the Vega Plus.
That’s right, 3 days.. before continuing to advise they haven’t actually commenced the shipping process, you know.. the one they advised would defiantly be happening between 8th – 12th May…..
Don’t worry though, there’s no one more fed up than RCL..
Well, except for the 4500+ backers that have each paid over £100 for a console that so far appears to be being held to ransom due to a shareholder conflict again..
or is it?
Shortly after the above statement was received, we have also been privy to the following counter statements:
In addition, Darren Melbourne has also made a state to refute the claims made by Retro Computers Ltd. regarding licence issues:
So to summarise, as it stands there really is nothing stopping Retro Computers Ltd. releasing the Hardware as it stands without the full 1000 games, and provide via the website a flashable update containing the additional games as and when the licencing issues are resolved. This is assuming that 4,500+ Machines have been produced, which as yet have not been confirmed by either company or through 3rd party press releases linking to the Sinclair name.
And that’s presuming the company bank statements that ‘leaked’ for 2016/2017 were indeed false, despite a number of later correlations to payments being confirmed…
So come on Retro Computers Ltd. isn’t it about time you really started telling the truth than making these false demonstrations to show production where none exists, and attempting to make obstacles which are forcing you to stop production yet again…
You can start by fulfilling today’s latest promise:

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