Vegawatch 17th May – FCK’d

Another day, another period where approx. 4500 backers face the slow realisation that they have once again been fed false promises by Retro Computers Ltd.
Having already extended their self imposed delivery date set at the Start of May from 8 – 12 May, to a ‘We’ll commence delivery on 14th May’, this has now changed to a ‘in the next 48hours you receive direct from ourselves (not via the indiegogo platform) on what you need to do for delivery’.
surely as a recipient of an order, you shouldn’t have to deal with arranging delivery….? Especially as the company has previously checked, and through Indiegogo’s platform can ensure address are correct as per the latest account information…
Besides breaking the first rule of Indiegogo, stepping out of the crowdfunding platform and using a 3rd party system to remove tracking of how orders are being completed. RCL have also failed to send out any emails as of the 17th May, ensuring further disappointment to the remaining few backers who may not have been keeping up with the ever going soap story, but still holding on for the defunct console.
On the funny side, Retro Computers Ltd. did attempt to publically state that Indiegogo’s platform was insufficient for their requirements (although they have managed to send out 93 other updates perfectly fine to the same amount of backers…)Capture
Now since our last update, Shareholders Paul Andrews and Chris Smith have also issued the following statement on the 15th May:
This is confirmation of information that myself, and Chris Smith, feel now is an appropriate time to share with you all and backers.
Obviously we have requested the current RCL directors hold the legally required shareholders meeting. The time line for that confirmation of said meeting ends next Monday (i.e. 21 days from our request). From that point the current RCL directors must have set a date for the meeting of no more than 28 days from next Monday, which would mean the meeting of shareholders will be before/or in the third week of June 2018. As of yet we have had no response from the current RCL directors in this matter at all.
Further to that issue as you are all aware the current RCL directors have refused to pay the many prior invoices to both myself and Chris. On that basis after allowing RCL the opportunity for over two years to deliver to backers their Vega Plus consoles, we had waited before pursuing RCL for any of these invoices. We have now started the process of this in the UK court system, for an initial small claims case of – Chris Smith vs Retro Computers Ltd.
Today we received confirmation that the date for this small claims court case, is provisionally set for the 25th September 2018, at the County Court in Luton, Bedfordshire.
We are presuming that this date has been allocated so far into the future by the courts, because David Levy (in his initial directions questionnaire to the courts) stated that both he and Suzanne Martin will be the defendant and essential witness respectively, and as such both must be allowed to attend the court hearing. However he also stated that he (David Levy) would not be able to attend the court on the following dates –

  • The whole of July 2018
  • The 1st till the 20th of September 2018

He also stated that Suzanne Martin would be unable to attend on the following dates –

  • The 2nd of August till the 8th of September 2018.

Thus effectively meaning no legal case in this matter could be heard from the 1st of July 2018 till after the 20th of September 2018. Hence why we presume the provisional date has been set to the 25th of September by the court.
As above we await the legally required shareholders meeting date to be informed to us next week, we await the delivery of 4500 odd Vega Plus units to be delivered to backers of the console, and on the basis of the fact David Levy has stated that collectively himself and Suzanne Martin will not be available for the period of nearly all July to the end of September 2018, that these consoles will be delivered fully to all backers by the end of June (as they will effectively we can only presume not be around for the three months after the end of June 2018), and also of course ideally before the shareholders meeting (as requested) takes place in the third week of June, in which I will remind you all the requested resolutions are – the removal of the existing directors, and the replacement of them with a new one of the shareholders choice.
We will as ever, keep you all informed with what we legally, and appropriately, can disclose to you all.
— Paul Andrews
As yet no formal response has been received regarding this from RCL, similar to the mythical other games list, final box art, v2 final design and images of the completed unit (since the site is still using the v1 CAD drawings confirmed as scrapped this year).
But when we do here anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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