Vegawatch 10th May update

A new update has been released on Indiegogo by Retro Computers Ltd.
No not that one, it’s not a games list….
Nope wrong again.. it’s not box art or a photo of the new V2 console, which has made less appearances in public than Julian Assange…
Give up? Here goes…. they’ve released the Vega Plus Role of Honour (…again), details below:

Taking a look at the newly created list, it does appear that most duplicates have been removed, making the total around 400 names lower than the total backers who signed up for the perk.
Notable missing names now include “The C64 Rules!” Which while not inappropriate or rude, was probably not seen in the best light given the other company have commenced releasing hardware under a shorter project cycle. Other backers however have noticed their names are missing and have aired their frustrations on social media:

No comments have been made regarding the further issues raised, but given RCL commenced the delivery process this week, it is impressive the team are able to update the core code, flash the consoles, pack and ship out nearly 10,000 units with 2 days to go until the self appointed release date.
Once this is all over I hope the team have time to celebrate before moving onto the next project. I hear ‘Palms of Goa’ is a nice place..

Chris Thacker

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