Unofficial CD32 Release – 4 Decades Of Amiga Demos v0.2 – UPDATE!

A year to the day since AmigaJay released ‘4 decades of Amiga demos’, and now he’s only gone and produced it’s first update, v0.2 features a huge 101 newly added demos!
Along with the FastRAM only demos folder, there is a new ‘Rave-Acid’ demos folder for those wanting something a little more fast paced!
In total this update has 101 new demos, 44 of those are FastRAM only, whilst the other 57 will work on stock CD32’s too, plenty of new and old material across the years.
Plus to make it easy for those who downloaded the first version, in the read-me AmigaJay has also listed all 101 new demos to make it easier to search and watch the newly added ones, including new 2018 demos like ‘The Fall’
Source: Jay’s Retro Gaming Blog
Downloads at the recommended sites; EAB FTP Server  /  Pouet Demozoo

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