[UK & Europe] Metroid Dread amiibo Delayed Until November

For those of you in the UK and Europe looking forward to picking up your Metroid Dread amiibo in three weeks, we have some bad news for you. Nintendo has issued a statement on social media to say that due to “unforeseen shipping delays”, the Metroid Dread two-pack amiibo will be instead releasing on November 5th. The Big N goes on to apologize for the inconvenience and also reiterates that the delay does not affect the actual Nintendo Switch game itself, just the amiibo. Metroid Dread will still release on Nintendo Switch on October 8th.

Do you live in the UK or Europe? How does this news affect you? Are you disappointed or in a way relieved that the pressure on your wallet has been lifted a little? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo Europe (Twitter)

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