Twitch are giving away FREE games!

Each month, Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime members are given a collection of free games for subscribing to the service (you know similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold). And while there have normally been around 2-3 titles in a given month, Twitch is going all out to celebrate “Amazon Prime Day”, and boy they didn’t hold back on the classics in this pile.
From July 2 to July 17, subscribers to the service will receive a new game each day that they can keep forever. Each game will be up for grabs for only a limited time (and at time of writing 2x of the games have already passed, so you’ll have to act fast if you’re interested in any of them. The selection all in all isn’t that bad, so if your looking out for new experiences, check out some recent classics on this list.
Battle Chef Brigade – July 4-11
Manuel Samuel – July 5-12
GoNNER – July 6-13
Next Up Hero – July 7-14
Uurnong Uurnlimited – July 8-14
Hue – July 9-15
Deponia Doomsday – July 10-16
>Observer – July 11-17
Tacoma – July 12-18
Brutal Legend – July 13-26
The Red Strings Club – July 15-21
Tyranny – July 16-18
Broken Age – July 17-31
The Framed Collection – July 18-31
Serial Cleaner – July 18-31
Metal Slug 3 – July 3 – Aug 2
The Last Blade – July 3 – Aug 2
Twinkle Star Sprites – July 3 – Aug 2
Not played Brutal Legend or Broken Age yet… Now you have no excuse!!

Chris Thacker

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