The Sinclair ZX Vega plus – 7 days to go…

With just 7 days to go until May 2018 which is the official deadline set by both Retro Computers Ltd and Indiegogo in which all backers will be receiving their long awaited units, it was all looking a bit grim, with no communication….
Until today!
Members of the Retro Computers Ltd public discussion Facebook group have shared communications sent privately (and one public) confirming from the managing director directly that the items are in progress for distribution.
Or at least a first batch..

Hopefully RCL will stick to their order promises and supply more than the rumoured 30-50 test units recently manufactured, which have been suggested to be sent to vocal bloggers and media not linked directly to public support group, but can enable RCL to lead indiegogo on that deliveries are occurring.
Not that this stunt wasn’t attempted in March 2017 under an I’ll fated guise of final testing….
Wonder if the team will provide a similar free gift like retro games, who recently and successfully launched the c64 to much celebration, as they do appear to have a large supply of bitter lemons on standby…..

Chris Thacker

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