The Mega Sg – A Megadrive clone for the enthusiasts

If you remember the Nt Mini or indeed last years Super Nt both produced by Analogue, you’ll know as clones go these are two of the best ways to play your classic Nintendo Nes and Snes games respectively. Well following up this success, Analogue has unveiled the Mega Sg to the public, admittedly coming in at the same price of the Super Nt – $189 and due to ship next April, the Mega Sg was conceived to play every pre-Saturn Sega game including Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, Mark III, SG1000, SC-3000 and more.
In addition the Mega Sg ships with a Master System adapter which fits similar to the Master System Converter II and not the original tower, however the other consoloes listed will have a separate converter on sale at a later date. As for Mega-CD/Sega-CD and 32X compatiability? Well your original CD system will connect thanks to the side expansion port, but 32X games are off limits for now although it has been relayed back that this may still be added in a firmware update.
The machine will come in three black region variants and one white variant (US region compatibility only) alongside a 8bitdo 6 button pad (matching your console colour) in the style of the revised megadrive 6 button pad that came out later in it’s lifetime.
Sound output wise, the Mega Sg is reported to have a custom written clone of the original Yamaha chip, which outperforms previous clones to make it the most accurate so far. While video performance will make use of the HDMI output like the Super Nt before it.
Shipping is expected to commence in April 2019 and can be pre-ordered starting today via the link here.

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