The Journey Begins

We’ve all done it at some point and another..
We’ve looked at the many vlogging (god I hate to use the word..) ‘Celebrities’ and thought, how hard can it be to record a piece to camera, add a soundbite to a video, upload it and reap the rewards of a check from Mr and Mrs
Most of use also like to use the words ‘lucky b*st*rds probably too while we’re sitting in our day to day jobs, making ends meet and wondering if you really can make a career out of a hobby…
So this year after about a year of messing about with Youtube Videos recording gaming finds and random stuff for my gaming community friends and producing approx. 5 years of doing just random commentary through my twitter feed relating to gaming, I thought to myself… “what the hell!” let’s set this up as a proper site, tie up all my social media together and see where this leads…
Now first off, let me make this clear. This site is meant to be more of a journey through history to cover off forgotten relics in gaming history… no not the SNESCD or the Pluto. You have other guys covering that far better than I ever could. I’m looking more at the companies that made the games, where they went right, where they went wrong. A brief history into their collected works, and a revisit back to some of the 80’s UK computer game programmers that got lost in the midst of the console wars and were never truly honoured…
Dare I mention I may even look to covering things that some communities just won’t speak about (*cough* Vega Pl.. *cough*) and what those connected individuals are doing now.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Chris Thacker

Author: chris

Freelance writer, Blogger, Youtuber Chris has dabbled around the industry for many years. having been published in two books, and with over 30+ years knowledge of gaming history, there are many obscure facts tucked away in his brain which have yet to be documented.

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