The Garbage Pail Kids return with a WWE crossover

What started as a fun collaboration between Topps and the WWE back in 2019, now has become a new line of cool figures that combine the gnarly style of the Garbage Pail Kids with the ferocity of the world’s greatest wrestling fighters.

These two properties were very popular with kids back in the eighties. If you either had at least one Garbage Pail Kids card or an action figure based on a legendary wrestler from the WWE (or even both), then you’ll want to have one of these new figures that will be available for sale pretty soon.

There are four of them and are design for kids ages 8 and up, although I bet that most of the buyers will be adults who grew up with them in the 80s. Their sizes range from 3.8 to 4.8 inches, and each one of them has a unique action pose frozen in time. Perfect for having one of them on your desk or on your shelf.

Here’s a gallery:

What other WWE legend should have his own Garbage Pail Kids figure? They are available for preorder at Walmart at a price of $16.96.

We’ll be hearing more about the Garbage Pail Kids soon, with the reboot of its animated series.

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