The C64 team just made Christmas happen!

The C64 team have been teasing a nice Christmas gift coming for a while now, and surprisingly it wasn’t the fantastic free games that were included into the latest firmware update but something more fantastic:

,”As a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU for your support over the past few years, and also into the future we hope, we have teamed up with Antstream the retro game streaming company, who in their own words:“Antstream Arcade is a retro games platform with over a thousand carefully curated games to choose from. With one account across multiple devices (from gaming consoles to phones and tablets), take on friends or foes in our exclusively coded challenges or try your hat at our casual esports tournaments. It’s your choice whether you dip in, or go deep! ”To give you a ONE YEAR COMPLETELY FREE MEMBERSHIP!! We have managed to negotiate thousands of these free memberships for you guys via this link, but once they are gone they are gone, so grab them while you can (Antstream’s normal terms and conditions apply of course, please see their site for those)So on that note, we wish you a very Happy Christmas, from Retro Games Ltd and also Antstream, thank you all and see you in 2021!”

Anstream / TheC64/Vic20 gift link

This has to be one of the nicest gifts bestowed onto the retro community for a while especially given the many strides the team have made into making TheC64, Mini, and Vic20 everything the fan base wanted.

Chris Thacker

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