The C64 Mini team unveil it’s big brother…

Here we are, back from the xmas / new year stuffathon, where no-one really knows what day it is… back to the usual day to day activities, and I still haven’t found out who’s given me this stinking cold that’s knocked me for six these last few days. So since it’s knocked the newly launched YouTube channel until I get my voice back, I’ll still be updating there, though the format may change slightly into the retrospective rather than news for the moment…
But moving back to the plot of the article, which on Christmas eve, the C64 mini team decided to drop a great bit of PR out to everyone interested in knowing what happened to the full size machine (and also to stop the progressive rumours still being circulated by Pro RCLfans – of ZX Vega Plus fame, that this was another cash grab, to further anger people).
So the statement went like this:
THEC64 Update – 24th December 2018
We are so excited to finally reveal to you the first photos of the full-size pre-production prototype of ‘THEC64’, complete with a fully functional integrated keyboard, giving you a taster of what’s coming in 2019.
These photos have come direct from our manufacturing partners. Small modifications here and there are likely as we move forward, but – as you can see – it’s real, it exists, and it’s coming as we promised!
In a couple of the photos, the full-size pre-production prototype is positioned next to THEC64 Mini to show their comparative sizes. Also, the key legends you can see are not yet finalised but hopefully you can get a good idea of where we are heading and what has been achieved so far.
We aren’t revealing the full and final specification quite yet, as we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. For a variety of reasons, we also can’t yet confirm the delivery date, but it will be as soon in 2019 as can be achieved. As always, we will keep you all updated with any news on this as soon as we are able to.
To round off the year, all of us at Retro Games Ltd want to thank you all for supporting and believing in us. We hope that our backers and customers who pre-ordered before late September 2017 have enjoyed their FREE THEC64 Mini and exclusive poster set. We hope you are all still enjoying using the Mini while you wait for the full-size THEC64 to arrive, especially in light of the new functionality added by the recent firmware upgrades.
Finally, season’s greetings to you all, and we hope you are as excited about THEC64 and what’s going to happen in 2019 as we are! Thank you.
(Please note this is a prototype version made by our manufacturing partners and final versions will only incorporate our trademarks not third party ones)

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