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Even Mark couldn’t fix this! – The Sinclair Vega+ Review

Join Mark in this review of the Sinclair ZX Vega Plus as I share my thoughts and experiences after spending one week with the troubled…

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Nixy The Glade Sprite – ZX Spectrum

I’ve been meaning to report this one for the last week (and then promptly forgot I didn’t!)Nixy The Glade Sprite for the ZX Spectrum has…

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Atari VCS breaks the $2m mark

Pre-orders for the Atari VCS went into overdrive yesterday, with it’s campaign on Indiegogo raising over the $2m marker in just a few days. Now…

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Vegawatch 17th May – FCK’d

Another day, another period where approx. 4500 backers face the slow realisation that they have once again been fed false promises by Retro Computers Ltd….

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Vegawatch 14th May – More questions within questions..

Retro Computets Ltd. Have cascaded an updated regarding the missed delivery window scheduled gem of 8 – 12th May So in summary, they have ignored…

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Vegawatch 12th May – 1 word review


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Vegawatch 10th May update

A new update has been released on Indiegogo by Retro Computers Ltd. No not that one, it’s not a games list…. Nope wrong again.. it’s…

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Vegawatch – 9th May official statement

After last weeks release of information surrounding the Vega Plus, Retro Computers Ltd. have released the following statement: Please note that during this release, they…

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Vegawatch – Status update 8th May

…. Parcels received by backers so far – 0 Communications released by company so far since deadline for publishing games list expired (4th May) –…

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Zxvega plus – release details announced

Yes it’s true, just 1 hour after the legal shareholders statement was raised, Retro Computers Ltd have dropped the following statement on social media: So…