[REVIEW] Addams Family – Super Nintendo

Let’s ignore the fact that turning The Addams Family into a video game is weird. Because it is. Obviously turning a sitcom into a platformer is a strange decision – one we will see a lot of as the years of the SNES roll by – but why does the player-controlled Gomez sound like a… Read More [REVIEW] Addams Family – Super Nintendo

[REVIEW] Lost Vikings – Super Nintendo

Coming off RPM Racing, I think it’s time to cover the next game our friends at Blizzard produced that started the chain reaction towards where they are today. Given the fact that RPM wasn’t the success it should’ve been despite having some reasonable ideas, and pushing the company’s credibility towards ‘that team that does Amiga… Read More [REVIEW] Lost Vikings – Super Nintendo

[REVIEW] RPM Racing – Super Nintendo

RPM Racing is most notable for being the first game by one of the most successful video game developers to date: Blizzard Entertainment. And that’s all the positives out of the way. Especially considering what followed after. In short the game just does hit the mark, but the ideas are there. One of the principle items… Read More [REVIEW] RPM Racing – Super Nintendo

[Review] Paperboy 2 – Super Nintendo

Let’s take a step back and appreciate how insane the world of Paperboy really is… There are zombies in the cemetery, spirits constantly hovering nearby, gargoyles that shoot fricking laser beams, Chavs throwing tires into the street, babies in prams randomly heading towards car bumper territory, monsters are reaching up from sewer, monster trucks are… Read More [Review] Paperboy 2 – Super Nintendo