[REVIEW] Krusty’s Super Fun House – Super Nintendo

Following on from yesterday’s review of Bart’s Nightmare, comes proof that all licenced games are not always a quick cash in of the licence. So how did Krusty’s Super Fun House avoid the pit of licencing fumbles that hit the likes of Total Recall, Untouchables, and more importantly how did it become a better game… Read More [REVIEW] Krusty’s Super Fun House – Super Nintendo

[REVIEW] Bart’s Nightmare – Super Nintendo

Welcome to minigame hell! No.. not Sonic Shuffle, or Warioware, we’re going the the aptly named Bart’s Nightmare this week. The premise is fairly simple and very much styled like an early series episode. Bart falls asleep while writing a paper for school, and everything takes place in his dreams. Now given this was after… Read More [REVIEW] Bart’s Nightmare – Super Nintendo

Cannon Fodder Music Video

Cannon Fodder was a brilliant and bloody-hard top-down squad-based tactical shooter developed by Sensible Software and originally released for the Amiga in 1993, then ported to a variety of other platforms. Notoriously, it managed to annoy both the Royal British Legion and British tabloid press ( a feat that doesn’t happen too often), who sneered… Read More Cannon Fodder Music Video

8BitDo DIY controller kits – for NES, SNES, Megadrive available to buy

You’ve gotta love 8BitDo and their controllers. Outshining the rest of the market by producing a product that is as good as the original yet has the convenience of modern day controllers. And now, they’re producing kits to let you upgrade your original peripherals. See someone does listen to their client base! Of course you… Read More 8BitDo DIY controller kits – for NES, SNES, Megadrive available to buy

[REVIEW] Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt – Super Nintendo

The main thing I found interesting about 1992’s The Addams Family was how many of the levels were connected. The house was the hub where you could enter different stages, sure, but the stages had alternate or secret paths that led to other areas of the house. It wasn’t a true “Metroidvania” game because it… Read More [REVIEW] Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt – Super Nintendo