Rare release details on new shop items..

Well this one came out of the blue through social media, as Rare decided to announce quietly (So quietly in fact no other news sites picked up on this) that there is currently movement on a more permanent online store for plushes and themed items from Rare’s IPs of yesteryear. Original twitter post below: And… Read More Rare release details on new shop items..

[REVIEW] Starfox adventures – Gamecube

In the early day’s of this site I set myself a challenge. To review EVERY PAL Gamecube game officially released for the console during it’s lifespan. Retrocollect advises this is 447 titles, however with overseas only releases (and that darn Maxplay 10 disc) this moves up to 454. This is the continuing saga that has… Read More [REVIEW] Starfox adventures – Gamecube