[REVIEW] Pang – GX4000

First off, can I say that I adore this game! always have, always will.. This is the Key game of my gx4000 cartridge collection that always brings me back for that ‘just one more play’. At it’s very core, Pang is a shoot ‘em up-come-platformer; where accuracy, and planning take centre stage. while initial glances… Read More [REVIEW] Pang – GX4000

Rick Dickinson – A retrospective

Rick Dickinson, best known for his work as the in-house industrial designer with Sinclair Computers for their the ZX and QL microcomputers, has passed away following a battle with cancer. Having joined in 1979, Rick Dickinson became the in-house industrial designer for the company’s range of microcomputers, starting with the ZX80 – the first computer… Read More Rick Dickinson – A retrospective