Switch retro game library gets a little bigger..

If you’ve booted up you Nintendo Switch this week and gone to Nintendo’s online service, you may have noticed some more spiffy looking classic games have been made available for your retro gaming pleasure. Sure we’re still lingering with the NES classics, but they are a damn fine bunch. The games added for subscribers are Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden and Wario’s Woods – and as before, they’ve been joined by special editions, with Dr. Mario and Metroid both getting the SP treatment, to ease players through to later parts of the game.
The SP version of Dr. Mario starts you in at level 20 at Hi speed, making either the game finish in mere seconds if your not used to the speed, but will enable you to access one of the rarely seen cutscenes. Metroid’s SP version however, gives you every ability and places you just a screen away from the Ridley fight, which in a way is a good 3/4’s of the game skipped. Sure you still have the escape, but some would say the exploration was one of the highlights.
While I’m all for the SP editions enabling younger players and indeed older players who had the game many moons ago to see the closing acts of each game rather than be stuck, I do question how effective this is. But then how many would jump at a chance for a Mega Man 2 with 1/2 reduced damage and all weapons available at the start of the game with all bosses still to play for?

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