Splatoon 3 introduces the Killer Wail 5.1 & Big Bubbler

More ways to ink.

With Nintendo having previously shared information on Eeltail Alley and the Crab Tank, an upcoming stage and new weapon type players can expect to encounter in 2022’s Splatoon 3, now they’ve taken to providing information covering Special Weapons and we’ve got that information here:

The Killer Wail 5.1 looks like a modified version of an Inkopolis special weapon. The 6 floating megaphones move on their own & attack with lasers that chase enemies. For such a dusty place, the Splatlands are brimming with shiny tech!

This is the Big Bubbler. It’s also a modified version of a special weapon from Inkopolis. By making it fixed, the size has been greatly increased! It seems Inklings in the Splatlands think bigger is better. Well, this certainly does look useful for protecting one’s allies!

Source: @NintendoAmerica (Twitter)

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