Spectrum Next OS update – plus additional surprises

The Spectrum Next guys have put through another system update for you guys (okay the few hundred of us that managed to nab one of the development boards). Alongside the usual technical updates, we also get 1x Full game and 2x new demos to push the system, and one of those is last years Kickstarter ‘Dreamworld Pogie’!
Update information below:

System Software

  • New Firmware file 1.07 which makes SD card detection and support more in line with what NextOS does on a lower level. This Firmware file enhances support for divmmc roms and allows for distinct DivMMC and MultiFace-compatible ROM files even if support has been disabled for either or both as a whole.
  • New Core v.1.10.31 which fixes the Copper and adds support for streaming audio as per the requirements of NextOS 1.98D. CAUTION! There are known bugs in the NEXTREG command which CAN behave erratically especially in conjunction with the Copper. Please reports bugs to Victor Trucco.
  • Updated NextOS 1.98D in two versions: one with Geoff Wearmouth’s Looking Glass v. 0.4 48K ROM (Default) which now brings keyboard support in line with what NextBASIC does (and fixes several bugs) and one with the standard 48K ROM. This is a MAJOR version that changes significantly the coordinate system for Layers other than 0. Also adds support for streaming files straight from the card! Please read CAREFULLY the document listed in the c:/docs/ folder as your program may be impacted. This version also includes new commands!!!!
  • Updated Looking Glass v.04 48K ROM by Geoff Wearmouth with improved compatibility (see above) has added features and as always further optimisations!


  • New Dreamworld Pogie/Next Playable Demo by WASP Studios. This is a playable alpha version of the Kickstarter stretch goal release title. There is NO WASP-CopperAudio in this demo, due to the issues mentioned with the new core, however it DOES require core 1.10.31 as it makes heavy use of the NEXTREG command. As the game is hard, Lyndon Sharp slowed it a bit down to allow you to play it more comfortably – Short video of what to expect HERE !
  • New Orb Run full game by Matt Davies. This is a great piece of software written entirely in NextBASIC as an entry to the annual Toronto game jam (ToJam)… Go on play it, you know you want to!
  • New Spectron 2084 Teaser demo by Robin Verhagen-Guest. Although not an actual game, it shows the start screen and some faithful recreations of the original arcade!
  • Updated Nextoid! by Lampros Potamianos. This version apart from some minor bug-fixes, also introduces some new levels designed by André Luna Leão!


  • New NextBASIC demos by David Saphier. BasicFnt and BasicScrl are two excellent demos about what you can do in NextBASIC using all the new facilities
  • New “Easter Egg” by David Saphier. Won’t tell you that one, you gotta find it yourselves! 🙂


  • Updated PLAYPT3 “dot command” by Tygrys / speccy.pl – 2018. Now supports ts songs (You can find a small selection under c:/demos/ts-songs/) (www.esxdos.org)
  • New HEXVIEW “dot command” by Dr. Slump. Taken from esxDOS v.0.8.6 distribution. (www.esxdos.org)

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