So Nintendo were planning retro switch controllers after all..

In previous months prior to the Switch launch (and after), I’ve been vocal about the opportunities Nintendo have to create controllers mimicking previous console control schemes to enhance the virtual console or its evolved form into feeling more like the previous console you once had. After all this is one of the many reasons why retro enthusiasts go back to original hardware after touching emulation. So it was a nice surprise Nintendo has listen to the masses buying into the mini series and taken the time to create a joy-con which resembles the NES controllers of old.
The new joy-con design isn’t quite the same size as the original however, although it’s packed with more features than its great-great-great grandfather. As the new joy-con is wireless, with recharging done by docking to the console. Although sadly this does mean you have the unsightly rail lurking within eyeline, Nintendo have done a great job of making it not stand out as much as possible.
With 20 NES games available at launch of the Switch Online subscription service and many more to come added regularly, if your after the authentic feel you won’t be able to beat these. However given the price for a bundle of two comes in at £49.99 around the same price as a NES mini with half the games, and these will only be available to Switch Online subscribers, this has the feel or more trying to fleece the dedicated fan more than respectful service to an iconic console.
Pre-orders open September 19th via Nintendo’s official website.

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