So about the PlayStation Classic having PSN functionality..?

With the PlayStation Classic’s reveal to the public last week, we also got to see 5 of the 20 games that would be included in the £89.99 package. While no real complaints have come from the games included so far, questions are being raised on social media regarding the systems functionality with the wider Playstation network. It’s this key aspect, that I have been tracking down further information with Sony PR.
“There are no plans to bring new content to PlayStation Classic post-launch,” a spokesperson for the PlayStation Press office confirmed.
And as to whether the machine would affect any plans for other remasters or consideration for the downloading of older games on the PS4, the press office said “No, PlayStation Classic is a separate initiative from any ports or re-releases of older titles.”
So for everyone holding out for a PS3 like service where you could pay for further games on PSN and have them download to the console, will surely be disappointed. Then again, why would Sony not capitalise on a easy win to resell media to a hungry new group of consumers just venturing into retro gaming in a convenient way?
I can only presume Sony’s previous endeavours with PSTV and Vita have made them think twice against adding a further ecosystem to their network. Preferring to go down the route of locking the system to a ‘best of’ range of titles to whet the appetite, while ensuring no after sales patches, additional storage requirements, or trophy support linked to user accounts have to be considered. While annoying, it’s worth remembering that Sony are producing this console as a ‘me too’ device to Nintendo’s recent successes, and likewise only have interest in selling to fill that ‘dad-gift’ market come Christmas time. Sure, many of us fans and enthusiasts will pick them up too, but how many families really kept their PS1 collection once the PS2 came out, choosing to sell off on ebay/Game/Cex/paper ads to offset the cost of a generational upgrade.
And while the scalpers seem to be out in force again sucking up the pre-orders in the hopes of making an easy profit come Christmas, just remember.. Sony were famous in the 90s and 00s for rapid stock replenishment and monitoring production requirements.
With the PlayStation Classic sporting the usual onboard facilities such as save and suspend the current game state by hitting the RESET switch.  much of the old school loading delays will be vastly reduced, and with the 20 titles included with the PlayStation Classic advised to have been selected due to their popularity amongst original PlayStation fans (tailored to each region), I doubt we’ll be upset as to the final roster.

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  1. I totally did not expect them to offer post release content. This always screamed stand alone item like the NES and SNES Classics did. In a year Sony could (probably will) release a Playstation Classic 2 (maybe styled after the PSOne) with dualshocks and a new set of 20 games.

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