Skool Daze Reskooled!

Skool Daze Reskooled is a 2D reimagining of the Classic game Skool Daze. Frequently listed as one of the top games of all time. With updated graphics and gameplay, this modern version includes Skool Daze, Back to Skool and the newly created Nu Skool.ss_5d519673427942db209cf4713ed18bb0478c1d7d.600x338
Be Eric the hero. Crack codes, fire catapults, hypnotise teachers, trap rats and frogs. Complete the tasks which act as checkpoints and don’t go over 10000 lines and get expelled. The smash hit game Skool Daze has returned with all the characters and trickiness of the original.
Crazy Sandbox Game.
Go to classes, write naughty messages on the blackboard.
Answer questions by raising your hand.
Complete tasks to unlock codes and complete the levels.
Punch, catapult, water pistol your way through the timetable.
Big range of difficulty levels – if you’re not up to the real deal, you can change it to over 20000 lines to make it easier if you want.
Contains 3 Schools/levels in one game. Skool Daze, Back to Skool and Nu Skool.
2D Side scrolling school based gameplay.
Unlock and play as any character, allowing you to use their bonus skills, like catapult aiming.
Try out the fun scooter stunt mode.
Gamepad Support.
Play in full screen or in a resizable window
Works on Windows and Mac.
Website: Steam

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