Sega’s ‘Virtual On’ Games will be returning to consoles

I loved the Virtual On games the moment they hit the arcade, and although decades have passed, time has never lessened the impact they made on me, or Michael Bay and who ever is currently doing the rounds with the CG on the Marvel movies!
So having seen this report on twitter and following it back to the initial report from Famitsu, Sega it appears has revealed that they’re planning on bringing the first three games back initially onto PlayStation 4.  So all you lucky people will get to experience the mindless fun of Virtual On, Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and Cyber Troopers Virtual On Force next year!
Information is a little thin on if any new features will be coming alongside the 3 games, but it should be expected that multiplayer modes will be introduced alongside the classic arcade mode.
Sadly, Sega hasn’t confirmed any US or PAL releases yet, but we can only hope that as long as the fandom requests keep coming, their marketing team will listen and transfer the work to the relevant markets. Either way, as soon as an update is made I’ll keep following up it’s progress for release.
All that’s needed now is someone to come along and develop a 2-stick fighting controller for modern machines and we’re good to go!

Chris Thacker

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