Sega Arcade : A pop-up history – Entering Kickstarter

Here’s a thing! Over on Kickstarter, a new pop-up book is in the works that features paper recreations of 5 classic Sega arcade cabinets from the early heady days of  the 80s.
Sega Arcade: Pop-Up History includes pop-up sculptures of some of the company’s most famous arcade cabinets, namely Hang-On, Space Harrier, Thunder Blade, After Burner, and Out Run. With each model comes schematics, art and an extensive overview of the machine.
While I would’ve preferred more to the book than just 5 cabinets to reference (No Daytona USA !!) from the early 80s, I’m hoping this will do well for the team to cover the subject further, delving into House of the dead, Sega Rally, Daytona USA, and even that Sonic cabinet with the rollerball.
While the book is officially endorsed by Sega, it would been nice to see if the team also showcase the other varients of the cabinets alongside these, hell… it’d be a great think to include some papercraft to enable you to make your own arcade of the 80s.

As always, head over to kickstarter to take a look at the campaign and see if you want to support this fine effort link below!
Kickstarter link : Sega Arcade

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