[REVIEW] Wayne’s World – Super Nintendo

So, shall we just beat to the chase now… This is a heck of a bad game.
TBF I’d previously read this one was a stinker back in the heady days of the 90’s buying Super Play and Total! But in the haze that is late night eBay bidding, I saw a copy…. free p&p…… surely it can’t be that bad? It looks graphically like the Blues Brothers and a tiny bit like those Amiga ports you like…. go-on give it a shot… it’s not like it’s £50 or something….
Now let’s be fair to the game before we take it round the back of the shed and shoot it. Wayne’s World is playable, it’s not FUN playable.. but it’s playable none the less. The game has around 9 stages, making it seem somewhat short compared to today’s offerings, and with continues abound like the kid in the arcade who always used to fill the machine with coins to reserve a mammoth play session, you’ll never feel to short changed per session.
Powerups are everywhere in this game and controls are responsive enough that timing jumps does feel ‘right’, but the game does suffer from being a git like Nebulus/Castalion and has a habit of giving you a bit of damage off screen when you least expect it.
The main issue surrounding Wayne’s World is combating the fatigue caused by repetitive graphics and level design. I would suspect given the cartridge size that there are probably two / three screens worth of unique art assets in the first three levels. Now that’s not a bad thing considering Robocod, Hook and many others do exactly the same, it’s just here, asset placement always causes a sense of ‘have I been here before’. Graphically wise, I do like the style. It’s refreshing to see a new take on screen and give the game a personality you don’t get with other movie tie in’s.. They’re colourful and the game characters are recognisable to the actors that portray them. Hell even the voice sampling is excellent given some other titles that shouldn’t be named on the system.
waynesworldsnesStory wise, don’t expect this to follow the movie in great detail, and especially when given the chance, ignore the conversations. They bear little resemblance to the wit of the characters and come across as a watered down Saturday morning cartoon version which we were lucky to never receive.
So to summarise, bad level design, good graphics, excellent speech, poor story. Kinda makes me wonder what Ocean or Acclaim could have done with the licence if things had been different.

Chris Thacker

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