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Toys-01Here’s a forgotton one from the middle period of the SNES’s lifetime, ‘Toys’ Starring the Late Robin Williams was a box office bomb at a time when Robin was at his peak, and maybe that shows a little with the game that followed shortly afterwards. ‘Toys’ the game also fails to hit the target, possible due to sticking to the disjointed movie plot lin, but not having the luxury of being able to pull upon the acting charm of it’s cast to pull through the broken family narative.

And it shows, with the object of the game having you wander around a toy factory and shut down security cameras. These cameras are guarded by a host of evil toys that have to be destroyed before the cameras are vulnerable. These enemies move erratically to you, so good luck avoiding taking damage. Five hits and you’re done.

Toys-08Weapons are plentiful or rather ‘interesting’ utilising a starting gun, bowling ball, race car, toy elephant, etc. But each seem to be chaotic in there deployment, making it difficult to accdurately target each enemy.. and yet perhaps this was the intention.

You see the game was developed by Imagineering Inc which was an in house develop for the publishing company Absolute Entertainment and released in 1993. Prior to this all the company had ever released on Nintendo were games that either had received either very mixed or very low to mediocre reviews  including a bunch of Bart Simpson based NES games (remember how many of those came out in the early 90s) and TV quiz based tat.

thdadWith that in mind, if I told you that in total the game contains only 4 levels, 3 of which are largely the same, just with a change to area graphics. While the last is a R-Type style shoot-em-up, which I can presume was largely due to the fact the team just didn’t know how to do a space harrier style game in keeping with the finale of the movie. This could probably explain the ramp up in difficulty, as after all if I was building a game that I knew was most likely gonna bomb like the film, i’d put as little work time into the job, cutting off what had been done as complete, make it a hard as possible to annoy the kids and extend length and atttempt to release as close to film launch as possible to cahs in on the gift aspect as quickly as possible (remember this was before trade-ins!)?

So overall verdict? You know, it’s a nice game to pick up at a sub £5 price tag. It’s short, it ties the movie well with the cut scenes, and it does what it needs to do. Full price… ? Hell no! but as part of a collection… well you could do worse.

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