[REVIEW] Sonic Blast Man – Super Nintendo

Okay I’ll admit it, I pull this one out of the box in a pure haze of recalling an early Gamesmaster with a mighty Frank Bruno knocking 10 shades out of a planet.
“Right so this’ll be a great one to review for a quick session tonight” I thought.
And then I loaded it up…
This isn’t the game I was thinking of..
Yet Sonic Blast Man is a surprisingly good game and a more function over style with beat-’em-up’s in general.
Sonic-Blast-Man-01Loading up that title screen gives no indication of what’s to come, and if I said to you this shared the same art style like Final Fight, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, etc. you would be hard pressed to find much fault with it during the early 90’s.
Control wise, the game sticks to the tried and tested 3 button arcade approach using the fight commands of Jab, Spin and Special move. Sure these are different to your kick, punch, block of street fighter but they work just as effectively. Jab is your standard fighting move, while spin does what it says – more powerful, but leaves you open for a moment for the player to counter. While Special just brings out all the stops.
Sonic-Blast-Man-07Checking the manual out, shows the ability to jump kick, but this requires some pretty good timing (which I might add, I was piss poor at, since beat-em-ups just aren’t my thing) and of course using the Jab in the start of any fight enables you to build upon it further with combos. Sure your not going to get massive excitement out of this, but it did hint at what was to come once the arcade juggernauts arrived to console.
Of course, Sonic Blast Man doesn’t give you many chances to push out a special attack, forcing you to manage the screen using crowd control throwing which bloody helps given how slow this guy walks. I mean he a super hero for gods sake, yet he lumbers around the screen like a man clenching a runny bum in the hopes the next door will be a public lavatory.
Sonic-Blast-Man-16This isn’t so bad for the 1st stage, but when you’re lumbering a brown cigar and walking slower than the elderly with a zimmer, the last thing you need to deal with is that annoying speedster type that comes in hot from the streets of Rage franchise. Time like this I wish there was a ‘nut kicking’ option.
But I digress, and you know what, for the few minutes I bashed out on this game, I had fun! Sure it’s never going to be a classic, but I like its weird combo system, and it’s a simple game which you can switch off too and enjoy it for what it is!
Even helped me remember the actual game I was originally thinking of when I pulled this off the shelf..
Oh look I found the video too!

God I miss Gamesmaster!

Chris Thacker

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