[Review] Paperboy 2 – Super Nintendo

Let’s take a step back and appreciate how insane the world of Paperboy really is…
749583-paperboy_2_4There are zombies in the cemetery, spirits constantly hovering nearby, gargoyles that shoot fricking laser beams, Chavs throwing tires into the street, babies in prams randomly heading towards car bumper territory, monsters are reaching up from sewer, monster trucks are just driving down the streets(!) not caring for who’s in their way, castles firing their cannons into the street……
I could swear I saw a signpost for ‘Dudley’ in the game
… and get this.. if you cock up just one on a delivery, these buggers will cancel their newspaper subscription!? Must be Guardian readers then!
As can probably be surmised, Paperboy 2 puts the player back with your hands round your trusty Chopper but this time as either Paperboy or Papergirl (equal opportunities and all that), and your job is to deliver as many papers as you can without being murdered by one of the previously mentioned hazards. If you’re feeling like a git, you can also hit people or break windows with your papers instead of tossing them into the mailbox or doorstep. There so should have been bonus points for groin impacts.
paperboy-2l-11I do love the isometric view the game uses, something that seems lost in the world of today (but was massive during the 80s / early 90s). If your not used to the 8bit computer games of Spctrum/C64/Amstrad fame It can be hard to judge ramps or dodge projectiles.
But Paperboy 2‘s only problem is it’s still too much like the original Paperboy. Sure you can play as a girl, have to deliver papers to both the left and right sides of the street, and there are a few different houses. but their doesn’t seem to be any further ideas the game team wanted to try.
Perhaps that’s just it. The original hit the mark on the first go by doing so many things right, and this game just seems to perfect those minor issues the fans had left. It’s not a bad thing, just should have been called deluxe rather than going the whole hog with the ‘2’ on the end.
Still a classic, and still a great game to play which ever one you have.

Chris Thacker

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