[REVIEW] Batman – GX4000

Here’s another one of those Ocean buy the licence, hire a couple of people to work on a game, timed it to come out during the release period of one of the biggest films of the year (well it was in 1989!)
so the plot follows the movie’s plot, with Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, up to no good. The game starts with you chasing Jack Napier through a chemical factory and cornering him so that he falls into a vat and becomes the Joker. You must then escape in the Batmobile to the Batcave and discover which objects contain the Joker’s deadly chemical, Smilex (This was the point of the game where I forgot the movie combination, not that it matters are you’ll still sail past this level no-matter what the outcome. Once that’s done, you go back on to the streets, and finally, pursue the Joker to Gotham Cathedral.
The graphics and music are fantastic and still have that CPC style we know and love, with enhanced colours for the GX4000, and using the pad instead of the keys (I own the big box tape version as well) makes so many sections that bit easier.
The only fault with the game comes purely from the fact that Ocean didn’t add anything to the mix with their cartridge ports. Which coming at a time when the game was 2.99 budget / 7.99 New release cassette or 9.99 Disk, to fork out £25 for the same game on cartridge was insane!
Additional race levels would have been nice alongside a couple of extra platforming levels, but still not a bad choice to look at if your picking up for first GX4000 or CPC+ machine.

Chris Thacker

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