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The-Simpsons-Barts-Nightmare-01Welcome to minigame hell! No.. not Sonic Shuffle, or Warioware, we’re going the the aptly named Bart’s Nightmare this week. The premise is fairly simple and very much styled like an early series episode. Bart falls asleep while writing a paper for school, and everything takes place in his dreams. Now given this was after Bart vs the Space mutants, camp deadly. Allowing the developers the chance to able to put beloved characters in fantastical settings doing strange things should enable a multitude of level premises and play for jokes from classic scenes. Also given the high colour of the show and it’s characters, this title should by all means lift of the screen just like you’re watching a new weekly episode or a treehouse of horror special.
The-Simpsons-Barts-Nightmare-09The “hub” area of Bart’s Nightmare is a street you walk down and try to avoid enemies until pieces of paper appear. These pieces are the minigames, and their appearance on screen seems to be a random event. creating either a fast jump into the action, or a slow drag walking round Springfield until one eventually shows up. Either way, once you spot one, all you need to do is jump onto it to warp into the minigame.
The-Simpsons-Barts-Nightmare-07Problem is each minigames I’ve sampled during today’s playthrough has been… well…actually… bad. I don’t mean that in a 90s ‘rad’ and ‘tubular’ way, just absolutely terrible. Aping Godzilla and playing out random ideas, just seems to be the norm, as though this was purely a quick turnaround title for the licence knowing they’d sell a ton! The control scheme seems to vary from minigame to minigame, and I suspect if I had the manual I may have been more prepared for this, although I’m giving them a free pass on the controls feeling stiff since i’m playing on my original system so it could very well be the 20+ year old controller taking it’s toll.
The-Simpsons-Barts-Nightmare-11Yet having no control over which minigame to face, means you are going to at some points find yourself cursing over playing the same thing over again, just to get to that one minigame you haven’t played, in my case the side-scrolling shooter featuring Bartman turned up few and far between. Leaving you messing around more often than not back in the hub world.
So all in all, for the Simpsons fan this title just doesn’t do anything to help the show, and just felt like a cash in. given the choice I’d rather play the epic puzzler Krusty’s Super Fun House over this.. So for the next review tomorrow let’s do just that!

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