Retro classic returning to Switch

It looks Nintendo could be bringing back another retro classic to the Nintendo Switch.

The company – which has already committed to bringing back retro Gamecube games with its plans for Metroid Prime on Switch – may now be looking at plans to revive Wave Race.

In a Fandom interview with Nintendo developer (and once-upon-a-time Wave Race producer) Shinya Takahashi at this year’s BAFTAS, it was seemingly confirmed that Wave Race would be making a comeback.

“You may see that game again,” Takahashi stated. “We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!”

If you watch the video included, you’ll notice that Takahashi said that with a pretty big grin on his face… suggesting he knows something we don’t know.

Even if we don’t see a new version of Wave Race, does his suggest we’ll see a Virtual Console version coming to the Switch? We really hope so.

Chris Thacker

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