Racoon City’s finest – Resident Evil 2 Collectors unearthed

There’s something very familiar about all this… Especially if you’ve seen the Japan version of the Resident Evil 2 Collector’s Edition for PS4 and Xbox One, except the newly displayed western version (UK one shown) doesn’t contain the desirable keyboard, or the price tag to match, but contains your usual fair of poster, 12″ figure and novelty keepsakes to remind you of the classic sequel.

Also included is the Deluxe DLC Pack card, which gives access to the “Original soundtrack”, the Samurai Edge “Albert Model” weapon, Arklay Sheriff and Noir costumes for Leon, plus Military, Noir, and Elza Walker outfits for Claire. Plus you get an eerily RE2 styled crate to hold it all in.
The price, no where near the 75000Yen the Japan version fetches with the keyboard, but for UK buyers this is going to set you back £230 (US will no doubt be around $230-250). Of course you can also go for the standard edition and buy the DLC later when released.. but where’s the fun in that..

Chris Thacker

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