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Attic Door Productions has announced that The 13th Doll, its officially licensed follow-up to developer Trilobyte’s classic CD-ROM adventure The 7th Guest, will release this October.
Attic Door Productions, a collective of self-proclaimed 7th Guest fans, launched The 13th Doll on Kickstarter back in 2015, where it successfully raised $60,266 USD. It’s designed as a direct follow-up to Trilobyte’s seminal 1993 title – considered to be one of the CD-ROM format’s earliest “killer apps” alongside Myst – sidestepping the events of divisive 1995 sequel, The 11th Hour.
The 13th Doll sees Tad, the unwitting seventh guest of the first game, now fully grown and preparing to return to evil toymaker Henry Stauf’s spooky old mansion to confront his past – and, probably, the many and varied spirits that haunt its halls.
Attic Door says that The 13th Doll will include 26 unique puzzles in 35 environments, two playable characters – each with their own unique plot lines, locations, and puzzles – plus five possible endings. Actor Robert Hirschboeck reprises his role as Henry Stauf.
The 13th Doll is currently expected to launch on PC and Mac on October 31st this year, and pre-orders are now open on Attic Door’s website.

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