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Storming it’s way for release next month Montana Mike is shaping up to be a gem of a platformer for the Spectrum Next.
The game, which plays in a similar style to Rick Dangerous has our hero Mike recovering rare lost treasures for his father’s museum from tombs and catacombs in Mexico, China and beyond.
As part of the fiendish gameplay Montana Mike doesn’t feature a save function, so you’ll need all your wits at hand to make it to the later stages.
A Double sided flyer featuring poster and map will be included in every copy alongside a pin badge exclusive to the first 100 orders

Montana Mike Will be available November 9th from 12:00pm digitally for £4.99, physical for £9.99 and as part of the Gold compilation for £16.99 with Deltastar and Dungeonette.
Save www.spectrumnextgames.com in browser ready, as this is one every Next owner should be looking to get!

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