Pokémon 25 Trading Cards Come To McDonalds Restaurants In Spain

Throughout the better part of 2021, The Pokémon Company has been going all out with it’s 25th anniversary celebrations for Pokémon including a collaboration with Fast Food Magnate McDonalds. Over the last 6 months or so, McDonalds restaurants around the world has been distribution celebratory Pokémon 25 Trading Cards with their Happy Meals.

Spain is the latest country to get the Pokémon Trading Cards distribution (which means I can finally get my hands on some). The distribution will be running from October 15th and includes a total of 50 cards: 25 standard and 25 foil cards. The cards depict all 24 starter Pokémon spanning the eight different generations in the franchise and it’s prized mascot Pikachu.

Like with the other McDonalds Pokémon 25 TCG distributions, each Happy Meal cones with a pack of 4 random cards, one of which is a foil card. That isn’t all though as a pretty nifty collector’s box also comes included that you can use to keep your cards together (you do have to out it together though but its only a case of a few folds here and there) . Oh, and there is a black and white drawing of Pikachu to colour in too.

To all of you in the rest of the world who is still waiting for your own Pokémon 25 TCG distribution at your regional McDonalds, hopefully you won’t have too long to wait yet.

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