Point & Click Amiga CD32 compendium incoming!

I have a lot of nostalgia for the Amiga CD32, never had one.. always wanted one (that and an A500 or A1200) So when the came time to hunt them down I did so with gusto. Yet I could never nab a CD32, nor a CD drive for my other machines. So the hunger remains, and as such it’s great to see others still producing discs for the machine long after most have moved on, and this release Amiga Jay is no exception. Entitled the ‘ Unofficial CD32 Release – Point & Click Adventure Games ‘. This pack contains over 86 classic adventure titles from the Amiga, alongside unreleased games like English versions of ‘Teen Agent’, ‘Inherit The Earth’ and ‘In Shadow Of Time’.
As you can imagine, the 600mb of space has been well used with all your favourites on there. You will of course need a keyboard handy for earlier games, but around half of the titles will support the Joypad controller as a virtual mouse.

If your interested in checking out the collection, take a look at the website here for more details on how to grab a copy.

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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