Parapa The Rapper [PS4] – as seen previously on PSP…..

Reports have been circulating on GBATemp that the recently released ‘Parapa The Rapper’ wasn’t a enhanced PS4 port of the PS1 classic, but infact the PSP image being emulated with high res textures (That explains the lack of additions, and the 30 frames issue).
First revealed on the GBATemp forums The thread goes into great details showing how to amend the code to play some other classic PSP titles on modified PS4 Consoles.
It appears Sony created a PSP emulator on which the game runs, but as the engine is now freely available, homebrew teams have been using it to run other games on PS4 including Patapon and Namco Museum. While also reverse engineering the physical edition of Loco Roco 2 Remastered to see if that’s running a newer or un-nerfed version of the emulator.

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