Nintendo Virtual Boy emulator – Oculus Rift

Of course, getting both the console and the games is an expensive endeavour for this Nintendo product. But if you’re hankering for some virtual tennis with Mario & Co and you happen to also own an Oculus Rift, you can do so with the VBjin emulator which emulates the Virtual Boy very well.
VBjin for Oculus features two play modes. The first one keeps the screen fixed and static like the original console, while the other has the screen exist in its own ‘virtual plain’ allowing you to zoom in close or hold back dependent on your preference. Another advantage is also changing the colour displayed from that unique eyeball burning red to something more relaxing in the world of grey, taking the strain off your eyes and allowing for longer periods of play on the machine.
If you’re interested and want to download and give your VR kit another purpose, the link is below.
Website: Github
Fun fact! Did you know the Virtual Boy came out just 1 year before the Nintendo 64..

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