Nintendo Shares Screenshots Of New Stage & Crab Weapon For Splatoon 3

Nintendo UK & Nintendo Europe have shared new screenshots for Splatoon 3. The screens show of one of the new stages that player will be able to Duke it out on in Turf Wars as well as an all-new weapon.

Beginning with the stage, we get a better look at Eeltail Alley. According to Nintendo’s Tweet, it is an old neighborhood in Splatsville that has a footbridge running through the middle of it.

Next up is the all-new weapon called the Crab Tank. It is a “Multi-legged tank, equipped with a powerful, rapid-fire gun and a cannon that boasts a formidable blast radius.” Players can use it in it’s crab form to scuttle around but if they want to get places quicker, they can transform the Crab Tank into a ball and roll at speed.

While it’s possible to scuttle about in crab form, you’ll get around faster if you transform into a ball.

Are you looking forward to Splatoon 3 coming to Nintendo Switch next year? What do you think of the Crab Tank weapon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo UK (Twitter)

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