Nintendo Applies for New Trademarks for ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ and ‘Metroid Other M’

You have to love Nintendo, no sooner have the N64 Mini Classic hardward rumours disappeared, than another heavyweight idea starts circling. Right now, there’s suggestions out there that a pair of Wii classics could be coming back around soon. All down to the fact that two new trademarks have been filed for the Wii releases Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Other M, with the following note attached:
“Nintendo Co., Ltd. has applied for a Super Mario Galaxy (and Metroid Other M) trademark in Japan for purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’.”
Knowing the Big ‘N’ this is more than likely protection of it’s profitable franchises given the popularity of both titles. But given Galaxy resurfaced earlier this year as an exclusive release for the Nvidia Shield (in a remastered high-definition versions to boot!) albeit for the Chinese market only, there could be scope that Nintendo are considering a move of the titles to the Nintendo Switch. Keeping fans playing while development of sequels are progressing. Indeed Nintendo have already gone on record last week to highlight they are keen to have a yearly Zelda, which with an already developed in-house wii emulator, could enable a second chance for Skyward Sword too. All titles could be easily re-jigged to utilise the impressive tech of the Joy-Con controllers, while branching out to other switch controller formats.
If this rumour holds true, we could be returning to some forgotten classics within previous systems on one of the best ways to play very soon!

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