N64 Classic rumours continue

I love Twitter, it’s a great resource for news and rumours, especially those that people are eager for. Like this one via user “nachoypistacho,” who dropped out the following message:

It’s not hard to work out what he was proposing he had images of (using the classic line of ‘leaked from a inside contact, who can’t be linked’) leading sceptism as to whether the images are an elaborate hoax similar to the NX controller leak a few years back.
So are they fake? well I’ve seen mock-ups of this quality before, and the images have that ‘photographed from a screen’ action rather than saved directly, so no metadata is available or other telltale signs, this is before noting the cable length of the controller port pull out piece is longer than the ones featured of the SNES and the rear information in the shiny plastic isn’t recessed as in the final versions.

Other than that what’s odd is that model numbers, technical logo’s and overall design is of a high quality, high enough that they could easily be featured in a Nintendo promotional campaign to retailers as a guide to the final product. In addition, Nintendo did recently patent their N64 controller design as a logo trademark recently, which I’ve recently reported on.
Now as for timescales the NES and SNES were released a year apart, with Nintendo releasing the NES in November 2016 and the SNES a year later in September 2017, so timescales would line up for a N64 announcement imminently especially given the previous two used very similar hardware, which has recently been back in a continued production run.
Also taking into account Sony’s Classic PS1 heading to retailers in November, you would think Nintendo would want their Mini Classic Series on the shelves to both compete and cater for the Christmas crowds. Of course the only people who know the real timescales are Nintendo, but now it’s starting to feel like a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’…

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