N64 Classic Mini – more rumours abound of incoming device

Like it or loath it, the Nintendo 64 was one of the most iconic consoles of the 90s running alongside the PlayStation and ‘the also ran’ by Sega. As a result the mini incarnation of this classic console has been on everyone’s wish list since the NES first came out..
Now last year we saw Nintendo filing an EU trademark application to make the N64 mini a reality, and with recent controller patent renewals it appeared something was in the pipeline.. yet last week it does appear the trademark was accepted!
So why haven’t we heard any additional information yet? Well the big N likes to keep these things close to their chest, however further rumours are abound that a retail meeting is scheduled to take place shortly to unveil new product to the which will be coming out in due course. Normally I would guess this would be linked to the Pokemon titles and toys that follow, but given much of that xmas line has been unveiled and been available to play at the recent EGX (and likewise Smash Ultimate) there isn’t anything else they could be about to release that would require this… is there?
Regarding the Trademark, Nintendo have had a new N64 controller image approved, which oddly enough is in similar keeping with the NES and SNES ones featured on the top of the Classic Boxes:


Given the synergy Nintendo likes between it’s products, it’s a no-brainer they’ll be preparing the next in line ready (although my money was on the Gameboy), however it’s worth remembering  It was just under a year between the release of the NES Mini and the SNES Mini.
Now if Nintendo are following a trend, it could mean the N64 Classic Mini will release by the end of 2018, especially given the recent re-stock of both models to ensure both collectors and fans have purchased the series so far.
For awareness the NES Mini launched in December 2016, while the SNES Mini launched in September 2017. My personal view is that we could be seeing an announcement very soon, with a short time between reveal to launch to capitalise on the interest garnered by Sony’s recent announcement and subsequent release of the PS1 Classic. Detail wise, expect a reduced 18-20 titles to compliment the system with an RRP of about £69.99.

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  1. As much as I would like for Nintendo to announce this device for the holidays to go up against the PS1 Classic I know they’re not. I say by summer of next year we hear an announcement for it.

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