Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remastered potentially coming?

Ahhh The Game Awards 2018, usually a miss for those of us tired out from all the E3 coverage, EGX, CES, PAX, Play Expo, and my personal local favourite Revival. Okay the last couple cater for the retro enthusiasts, but you get the idea.. by this point in the year, no-one is really looking towards announcements at the awards and we’re more working out how many hours in November can be spent completing the onslaught of new releases before the new year starts the cycle all over again!
However it was during this years event NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boone took to the stage to confirm that the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 11 was officially in production, with its release date currently scheduled for April of next year. Queue the whooping of fans salivating at the prospect of digging out more info as to which fighters and guest characters could be hitting the roster. Meanwhile in the background, many fans are still questioning given the series resurgence, why the earlier games haven’t been given their much needed HD polish to capitalise on the success.
Well one such YouTuber (‘Doctre81’) has made a compelling case that a Mortal Kombat Trilogy could be receiving a remastered edition on major platforms sooner rather than later. First off, pointing to evidence that Blind Squirrel Games is working on an “unannounced fighting game remaster” of “three fighting games” from the 1990s, Doctre81 speculates that the project could be Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

The video really does do some digging into multiple sources, highlighting work done on the Blind Squirrel Games project in question, containing a “progression system tying together 3 separate titles into one meta-experience”, Which indicates a trilogy pack for certain, and that level design and gameplay scripting has been done in Unreal Engine 4.
The most interesting part for me was that “documentation and creative writing for back story and environment descriptions for levels” has already been done for the project, indicating a potential rewrite of the narrative to tie in with later games in the franchise. Which given Blind Squirrel was the company behind BioShock: The Collection, also shows they’ve had experience in this act before, but hopefully this time without the bugs and issues the latter title launched with.
As with all rumours, never take this as gospel until we see an official announcement, after all we could be barking up the wrong tree and this could well turn out to be a Streets of Rage Trilogy remake (Would Sega even consider that?). But with Mortal Kombat 11 being made available on the Switch as well, this could very well be true given the portability of the system and many of the owners being like myself, the right age range to remember the games first hand, but wanting an easy way to play the classics and reminisce that the games always looked this good, ignoring the HD improvements.

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