Metroid returns to 2D with Metroid Dread

After having made a successful remake of the second game in the series with Samus Returns, MercurySteam got the job to make a new 2D Metroid. Series creator Yoshio Sakamoto joined forces with them to create Metroid Dread, a game which originally was developed for Nintendo DS, but it was cancelled and they started over completely with this version.

Story-wise, it follows the events of Metroid Fusion, where Samus visits the planet ZDR, which is said to contain the parasitic X creatures. The game will be final arc in the saga starring Metroids and Samus Aran. Gameplay will include melee attacks and free aim which were added in Samus Returns. Stealth elements will also be a huge part of the game.

The game will cost about $60 and is set to be released October 8, 2021.

Chris Thacker

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